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Various combinations of graphic formats, background options, different colour-coding for departments, wear position icons are available. You can customise the label of the Luxel+ to meet your requirements for easy management of your dosemeters.

Identification at-a-glance

Luxel+ description

Wear period colour codeWear period identification

Each season can have its own unique icon.You can choose among six colours for identifying wear periods.

You also have the option to either select your own sequence of colours or simply to use the standard defaults for the different wear periods.

A large choice of colours, background and graphic format

Graphic formatsGraphic format option

Three different graphic formats are available for Luxel+ dosemeters.
The graphic formats change in colour with each exchange frequency.

Luxel+ backgroungBackground option

You can use optional backgrounds to create a personalised look to your dosemeter. Choose between four options: no background (default), Dogs, Sky or Trees.

Each graphic format can have any background.

Colour coding seriesLuxel+ series bar

Series (sites/departments) can be colour coded for easy identification. Six colours are available for coding your different departments. Each colour may be used as many times or not at all.

Color coding series

The generic choice will be used as the default.

Wear position icon

Participant monitoring

Chest Collar Waist Fetal

Visual body icons identify the correct location to wear the dosemeter. Colour-coded icons are used for quick and easy placement when two badges are worn at the same time for instance. A written description is also included on the back of the dosemeter for verification.

Environmental monitoring

Area/environmental monitoring

Luxel+ dosemeters can be used as a fixed area dosemeter in specific locations to determine the radiation exposure at various locations in the radiation field.
Area monitoring dosemeters can be used to ensure that adequate protection is provided from ionising radiation for both staff and members of the public.

An area dosemeter on a work station may not eliminate the need to wear personal dosemeters.
The assessment should be reviewed periodically and results recorded by the employer.
The area dosemeter should not be worn. It must be left at the same place throughout its use.


Standard holder All-plastic clip

When you receive your badge, you should discard the cellophane wrapper and the identity card, and snap the dosemeter into a holder. The standard holder has an alligator clip for secure fastening to clothing.

In MRI units where metals are not permitted, an all-plastic clip is available. Area monitor holders can have Velcro® tabs with adhesive backing for easy surface placement.





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