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An HSE approved dosimetry service

Each type of dosemeter is analysed in a different way according to the technology used. Specifically trained and experienced staff use bespoke equipment to process the dosemeters and analyse the detectors. Built-in quality controls and systems ensure the reliability of the equipment and dose assessments. They have the ability to re-examine and verify dose assessments.

All processing is performed by LANDAUER and has been approved by HSE in the United-Kingdom and by the EPA in Ireland in accordance with our certificates of approval.

A report within 14 days of dosemeters receipt

Once the analysis if the dosemeters is complete a report is issued showing the type and amount of radiation dose received by each participant.

Reports cover each wear period and include:

  • the doses assessed for the wear period,
  • cumulative totals for quarter to-date, year-to date and lifetime dose;
  • personal data and identification;
  • explanatory information;
  • other relevant data used in the management of a dosimetry program.

In accordance with UK legislation, reports are issued within 14 days of receipt of the dosemeters at our UK office. High doses are notified immediately by e-mail.

A wide range of options

Duplicate Copies

Duplicate copies of dosimetry reports can be mailed on a regular basis to the normal reporting address or to another address you designate.

Sort Order

The default sort order for the dosimetry report is by LANDAUER participant number. Data within a report can also be sorted alphabetically by participant name. If you have series, the default sort is by series code and participant number, or you can elect to sort by series code and participant name.

An approved record keeping

LANDAUER provides an approved record keeping service. This includes:

  • providing appropriate dose reports;
  • termination reports for participants ceasing employment with your company;
  • record keeping for at least 50 years;
  • summaries and extracts including;
  • transfer of records or classified workers to the Central Index of Dose Information (CIDI);
  • emergency reporting for high dose assessments.





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