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The portable reader, microStar

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InLight dosemeter
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nanoDots and microStar adapto
> nanoDots and
microStar adpator

The microStar reader measures radiation exposure with aluminium oxide detectors (Al2O3:C) read out by Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology. It is a portable and lightweight reader, adapted to personal monitoring dosimeters or nanoDots.

The microStar reader can be used anywhere to measure immediate and accurate radiation dose assessments, i.e.: for emergency response, area monitoring, clinical dose assessment, or any
radiation measurement.

As the reading is non-destructive, it allows dose verification and intermittent analysis while maintaining total dose accumulations.

It uses a conventional electrical power source and no other connections. It is therefore a ‘plug-in and operate’ piece of equipment with low maintenance requirements (no heating, no gas).

The reader connects via a USB cable to an external computer that controls the setup, analysis and data recording.

Calibration can be achieved using a set of calibration dosimeters. A diagnostic (80 kVp) set can be supplied on demand.

microStar reader includes operating, analysis and dose calculation algorithm software, laptop computer, carrying case, and a choice of InLight whole body dosimeters or nanoDots for single point measurements.

Dimension 12 x 33 x 24 cm
Weight 16 kg
Electrical power source 110 - 220 V, 1.5 amp,
50- 60 Hz
Energy Range (X-ray, gamma and beta) from 5 keV to 40 MeV
Measurelent scale from 0,05 mGy to 10 Gy

More information?
microStar datasheet


A full range of readers for your lab

LANDAUER can provide InLight analysis equipment and dosimeters for customers who have their own on-site operations. Thus, you can choose LANDAUER’s complete approved dosimetry service or have your own dosimetry service in-house, utilising the OSL technology with InLight® readers on your site.

Their advantages:

  • no heating parameters to control;
  • no gas required;
  • reduced maintenance requirements;
  • fast reader throughput;
  • simple calibration process.

Three models exist with flexible handling options:

LDR200 - 200 automatic reader
LDR500 - 500 automatic reader
Lecteur OSL 200 unités
Lecteur OSL 500 unités
Desk-top model
On floor model
280 dosimeters /hour
280 dosimeters /hour
Upto 4 cassettes each
holding 50 dosimeters
Upto 10 cassettes each
holding 50 dosimeters
38 LED
38 LED

More information?
LDR200 datasheet
LDR500 datasheet




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